A York University Faculty Statement


Background — Some York University faculty members have been very concerned about the effect labour disruptions have had on our students, as well as on the University as a whole. As faculty members, we have decided to take a public stance that we believe will play a part in addressing the concerns of current and future students. Our hope is that a significant number of faculty members will join us and help get York University back on track to being a strong, successful environment where students can expect to complete their education without the fear of disruption.

A public statement is being circulated by faculty members to allay the fears of students regarding labour disruptions at York University. The statement is found below. Please consider signing this statement at yorkustatement.concernedprofs.ca and sharing it with your colleagues. Access to the statement requires a login using your Passport York account.

A York University Faculty Statement

Over the past couple of decades, York University has been roiled by a series of ever more acerbic, contentious, and frequent labour disruptions. The damage to the University and its reputation has been immeasurable. Even worse has been the collateral damage to our students and to the many workers who rely on the University for their livelihoods.

Without our taking sides in any labour disputes, it is evident to us that the outmoded tactics used by York’s academic labour unions, whether CUPE or YUFA, cause irreparable harm to our students by using them as hostages and pawns in pursuit of the unions’ own aims, no matter how worthy these aims may be.

Hence, considering our primary roles and responsibilities as educators of and mentors to our students, we, the undersigned York University faculty members, hereby state publicly that we will not act willfully in a manner injurious to our students’ education.

Furthermore, we call upon our employer and York University’s academic labour unions to negotiate non-strike clauses in their collective agreements with the understanding that any irreconcilable differences in future labour negotiations would be settled by means of binding arbitration to ensure the smooth functioning of our common educational enterprise and to avoid even the possibility of another academic labour disruption at York University.

The statement has been prepared by Carl S. Ehrlich (Professor, History and Humanities), Ida Ferrara (Associate Professor, Economics), and Rose Steele (Professor, Nursing).